Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bonfires and Juice Boxes

Last night, I say to Sarah, my Bible study co-leader (a.k.a. partner in crime), WE SHOULD GO TO MONROE FOR STUDY BECAUSE IT IS SO NICE. She suggests the Cut Outs, a more specific location on the lake. This was on my IU Bucket List so I was all in. Luckily for me, Sarah is as flexible as she is enthusiastic, so plans were made (really, that’s it, go to the cut outs, that was the whole of the plan) and we were ready.

Then Sarah texts me, “I forgot that guy is coming to study tonight!” Not that guy! You know, that guy. The one who asks if he can sit in on and record your study for a class. The one who neither of you have ever met or heard of, but of course you said yes. Of course you did. The one who, it didn’t occur to you until you email him about how he is welcome to join in your bonfire, could be absolutely insane. Or creepy. Or mean.

So off I go to Walmart to pick up a box of all-natural firewood (And s’mores fixins and juice boxes and the blue Kool Aids with the twisty tops straight from your childhood). There is some disconnect, people, when I go to Walmart to buy firewood. Nature and I aren’t as close as we should be.

We met up at Briscoe, us and that Guy. Sarah says she called up a chum and got directions. RED FLAG. Ain’t NO WAY we are getting there on the first try. I know that, Mia knows that, that Guy will figure that out, but we get in our cars anyways.

That Guy turned out to be not creepy or mean. Insane? Well, finish reading the rest of the narrative, and then I will let you decide, dear reader, for you are entirely competent.

About a stinking year, a few too many bad country songs, and about five u-turns later, we make it there, by a miracle of the Lord. We hike up a mountain. We boisterously ruin some poor couple’s mood and find a different spot to construct our fire. The box of all-natural Walmart wood, Mia’s notebook paper, a brand new lighter, and all our intense boy-scout skills had a fire rip-roaring (well, burning) in no (well, maybe some) time!

S’mores, Ephesians, Hi-C fruit punch juice box, starry skies, a giant spider on my little leg, some of the most beautiful people I know. We also had the privilege of introducing a brand new friend from Alex’s floor who is new to the country to bonfires, s’mores, Reese’s, AND Bible study for the first time! And, icing on the metaphorical cake, Emily brought her ukulele and Google brought the praise chords.

And so, a “leaving for Monroe at 9” became a returning home at 1. And I couldn’t have asked for anything more ridiculous, more unpredictably successful, or, really, just more.

Happy that bonfire season is upon us,