Wednesday, November 13, 2013


In the past weeks, I've set out to question something I've always taken as fact: the traditional grading system. It has come to my attention that other ways of grading are being used, and I have been quite curious.

In my pursuit of knowledge on this topic, I looked to experts who have not authored any books and are not published in any journal. I asked friends, family, and classmates how grades made them feel. These people have spent years under the microscope of grades.

I am passionate about identity. About knowing. About being known. About Avatar-style "I see you"-ing. So that is the lens I took for this project. Here are the results:

Who are you? What makes you YOU?

When you think about your grades, how does that make you feel about yourself?

To look at another perspective, I used an online tool called Wordle to point out repeated themes. Here is Wordle's insight on the matter:

Group 1:

Group 2:

Maybe you feel or have felt the same. For those of you feeling oppressed by the traditional system of grading, know that others are being explored. For those of you feeling accomplished, keep working hard. And for each and every one of you, know that your grades will never show who you are. And know deep, deep down that you are very truly loved.

That's all for now,