Thursday, May 2, 2013

Summer Bucket List Challenge: 2013 Edition

Summer Bucket List 2013
You asked for it! What’s that? You say you didn’t? Well, you wanted it somewhere deep down within you. Here is my 2013 bucket list for the summer: a giant list of all of the things I wish to do before summer kicks the bucket. Some may be repeats from past years, but that’s how you know what summer is made of, at its core.
1.       Crick stompin’
2.       Picnic
3.       Roadtrip to visit friends
4.       Roadtrip with a friend
5.       Read The Great Gatsby
6.       Ride a roller coaster and put my hands in the air
7.       Go to a zoo and try to overcome my fear of emus and the like
8.       Go to the quarries
9.       Read my Bible every single day
10.   Use a grass whistle well
11.   Star gaze
12.   Catch a lightening bug and treat it respectfully
13.   Go to the state fair. Eat something fried.
14.   Go to the county fair
15.   Go to a country concert
16.   Go to a museum
17.   Take lots of photographs
18.   Make a new friend
19.   Paint
20.   Draw with chalk
21.   Blow and pop bubbles
22.   Blog
23.   Water fight
24.   Go to a pool and engage in a handstand contest
25.   Kayak
26.   Learn to drive the boat
27.   Ride a bike (I actually didn’t do this one last summer. This summer, I’m determined.)
28.   Make homemade ice cream
29.   Go to a farmer’s market
30.   Watch a sunrise
31.   Teach someone the Four Constipated Men of the Bible song (accepting volunteers)
32.   Hike
33.   Ultimate Frisbee
34.   Volleyball
35.   Go somewhere in Fishers I have never gone before
36.   Go somewhere in Bloomington I have never gone before
37.   Bonfire and s’mores
38.   Make a friendship bracelet for a friend
39.   Do something spontaneous
40.   Go to Holiday Park and assess if the spiderweb is as massive as my childhood declared it to be
41.   Find a geocache
42.   Write a letter and send it
43.   Get some henna tattoos, because I know all about being a rebel. I took a class about it.
44.   Watch fireworks. OOH and AHH loudly.
45.   Work on the art of rock skipping
46.   Go to a baseball game
47.   Tie-dye
48.   Fly a kite. I haven’t done this since I was probably four.
49.   Quarter flip trip
50.   Eat a snow cone
51.   Have a good, old-fashioned sleep over
52.   Find a way to play DDR
53.   Watch something on Disney Channel
54.   Go to a 4th of July parade
55.   Do something to inconvenience a goose
56.   Date with the sister
57.   Date with the brother
58.   Do something nice for a stranger
59.   Go to the library
60.   Burn some homework
61.   Babysit
62.   Reconnect with friends at a Campus Life event
63.   Go to Conner Prairie. You know, since it’s in town. That is something you can still do, right?
64.   Go tubing
65.   Shoot some hoops
66.   Make homemade lemonade
67.   Use the term “yolo” as a verb unexpectedly
68.   Eat graduation open house cake
69.   Have breakfast with my dad
70.   Memorize Scripture in Spanish
71.   Drive with the windows down and sing loudly
72.   Become obnoxiously familiar with our summer playlist
73.   Play nuke’em (really, how is that spelled?)
74.   Go to a free Tuesday evening Fishers concert (still never have, sigh)
75.   Walk on the Monon trail
76.   Walk on railroad tracks
77.   Go to the fire tower
78.   Get through the first Lord of the Rings book
79.   Celebrate a half-birthday excessively
80.   Play kickball
81.   Go to a garage sale
82.   Take a barefoot walk
83.   Sit on the wall at Handel’s and eat some Peanut Butter Parfait
84.   Pick strawberries and make a pie
85.   Watch 500 Days of Summer
86.   Watch a meteor shower (there is supposed to be one this weekend)
87.   Run/walk/dance/hop through a sprinkler
88.   Wash a car old-school style
89.   Hang out with college friends in Indy
90.   Hang out with Indy friends in Bloomington
91.   Try once more to like watermelon, cantaloupe, and blueberries
92.   Get unfortunate tan lines, even if temporary
93.   Sleep on my back
94.   Start journaling again
95.   Wear a wild flower crown in public
96.   Rock in rocking chairs outside
97.   Take five solid minutes to do nothing but listen to crickets
98.   Catch a toad
99.   Go to the IMA
100.     Buy a state parks pass and be on my way to getting my money’s worth.
101.    Go to dunes. Frolic.
1.       Do everything on this list, and more. The individual who completes the most of these activities wins icecream with me. That is negotiable for those with special concerns. I’m looking at you, lactose intolerant friends.
2.       If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. So join me! Make it sound all top secret, and just text, message, or comment the number of the activity you want to do with me. We have our own language!

Jenna B.

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