Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Welcome friends, acquaintances, enemies, etc.

And so it begins.
A new summer. A new blog.
Today marks the completion of my first year of university. It is OK be frightened. First of all, I would like to thank my beautiful roommate for accompanying me on my first blogging adventure and giving me to courage to step into this blogging world on my own.
You may be thinking, what am I to expect from this blog? I believe in clarity (known by some as "bluntness") and in lists. Here are a couple of clear lists of what to expect from my blog, should you choose to read it.
What to expect:
  1. Over dramatization of daily events from my life.
  2. Updates on my mission trip to Ecuador, as we shall have access to the interwebs.
  3. Opinions
  4. Posts about food
  5. Posts about life
  6. Truth
  7. Exaggerations
  8. Miscellaneous adventures
  9. The unexpected
What you may not want to expect:
  1. Cheesy quotes
  2. Photos of pets
  3. Entire posts free of sarcasm
I would like to extend to you an invitation to join me in this online journey.

Invitation extended. Red underlining included to match theme and also possibly because jennareallyspeaking has not yet been coined as an "official" word.
And, I mean, if you REALLY feel like RSVPing, feel free. Expression of feelings is encouraged here.

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