Thursday, July 10, 2014

Camp 1

What do you write about one of the most amazing weeks of your life? That is the question I've been sitting on all week, and here I am, still unsure, but feeling I owe it to you to try to answer it.

For our first week of camp, we partnered with a church from Hradec Kralove and a group of 3 leaders and 10 high school seniors from California. I got to live in a mobile home. Though my feet didn't fit on the bed and the mornings were near refrigerated, the living room was a great, homey space for English class.

The students and translator in my English class (pictured below) were all around my age and all spoke excellent English. Their wish for class time was to have opportunities to talk, since in school they spend class reading and writing. This was a perfect fit for me, since talking is a gift of mine. We got to do all kinds of fun activities and games. Our English class was also our discussion group. After a Christian evening program, we got to talk about life and faith and God together. The theme for the week was about how Jesus presents a lot of ideas that are "Upside Down" and invites us to be part of an Upside Down Kingdom

Throughout the week, we had other team building opportunities. The 8 of us went by "Team Punishing Train" due to our signature dance move (as displayed in my FaceBook cover photo) and rocked the hula dance contest at the Hawaiian party and a dramatic reading/acting of "Friday" by Rebecca Black at the talent show. 

I got to have great one on one conversations with some of my group as well. We talked about faith, family, partying, eternity, Jesus, and all kinds of things. I got to share what I believe about a God that loves us all SO MUCH and listen to other perspectives. It was a blast.

In addition to English classes and evening programs, we played sports, did ice breakers, went on a four hour hike, made friendship bracelets, played forest games, and did other very camp appropriate things. I got to talk with students who knew English and smile at and just enjoy the presence of those who didn't.

It is crazy to think that I'm more than half way through my summer here in the Czech Republic and exciting to realize we still have two more camps!


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