Sunday, May 11, 2014

Summer 2014 Bucket List

That’s right friends, it’s time. Time for the annual Jenna B. Pinkston summer bucket list – a list of all the wonderful activities I will attempt to do while school is out. As two of my favorite fellows, Phineas and Ferb, so eloquently state, “There’s 104 days of summer vacation ‘til school comes along just to end it. So the annual problem for our generation is finding a good way to speeeend it.”

Good news, though. I have 107 days of summer vacation (I just counted), so that gives me some cushion (sorry high schoolers). Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to complete more items on this list than I do. If you do, you will win a prize. (Prizes are negotiable.) Here is the list:

1.       Step one: make a summer bucket list
2.       Burn some homework (Reusing school work as campfire fuel is a most satisfactory form of recycling)
3.       Create a summer playlist and listen to it too many times
4.       Go crick stompin’
5.       Make a new friend
6.       Learn a Bible verse in Czech
7.       Get a window seat on an airplane and be fascinated by how small everything is
8.       Blast country music with the windows down
9.       Eat Handel’s ice cream on the wall
10.   Watch fireworks
11.   Write a letter to a friend in a different state
12.   Write a letter to a friend in a different country
13.   Catch up with someone I haven’t seen in 2+ years
14.   Write an ode to summer and publish it somewhere, even if only on the refrigerator
15.   Read a book about a topic that I know nothing about
16.   Blog, blog, blog
17.   Make a strawberry pie
18.   Watch the sunrise
19.   Make a perfect s’more
20.   Hike
21.   Try to like watermelon again (it’s kind of an annual thing)
22.   Go laser tagging
23.   Make homemade ice cream
24.   Learn to locate a new constellation
25.   Give someone a happy Wednesday gift
26.   Go barefoot
27.   Water fight
28.   Ultimate Frisbee
29.   Learn a good campfire song on guitar
30.   Try to like iced tee
31.   Climb a tree
32.   Try new foods
33.   Go to a state park (I have an annual pass so I am pretty important in those places. Seriously, such a great investment.)
34.   Stay at a park until it closes
35.   Babysit
36.   Play outside with someone under the age of 10
37.   Road trip
38.   Practice my henna skills
39.   Get a library card for the county my parents live in
40.   Send a postcard
41.   Get a new stamp in the passport
42.   Find a baseball mitt and play catch
43.   Sit outside and read Ecclesiastes
44.   Watch the sunset over water. Probably take a picture that looks 3.4% as majestic as it does in real life.
45.   Make homemade lemonade, but make it fancy. Put raspberries or cucumbers or something in it.
46.   Make limeade. Some parts of the world don’t even have separate names for lemonade and limeade. I learned that from experience (SURPRISE LIMEADE). But they are very different, so they count and two different things on this list.
47.   Watch a baseball game and eat overpriced concessions
48.   Go to a farmer’s market
49.   Eat a snow cone, then probably become sad as you realized you could have spent that money on ice cream
50.   Try skiing again, even though it is one of the most frightening things on Earth, given you could do the splits and die
51.   Do a craft
52.   Make a piece of hemp jewelry
53.   Make a friendship bracelet
54.   Challenge someone to a kayak race
55.   Freeze fruit and eat it
56.   Eat one of those icy freeze popsicle things that taste like sugar water, just to be festive
57.   Go to a concert
58.   Skip a rock at least three skips
59.   Tie dye
60.   Sit around a bonfire with friends, even though my hair will smell like smoke to infinity and beyond
There it is. An abbreviated list compared to years past with some old ideas and some new. If you exhaust these ideas, find them lame, or are just curious, check out these lists



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  1. Sitting on the wall at Handel's is a summer must for me, too!