Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Another Swimming Adventure

It was another fabulous day here in Ostrava, planning and meeting and spending some much needed alone time. 

This evening, after Daniel and I cooked way too much meat in way too little pan for Taco Tuesday and Alyssa and I spent some great quality time with a local cat praying, the night was still young and we had no plans. The rest of the group was playing a card game. Not to bash card games, but I hate them. This one in particular sounded miserable, as there are no winners or losers. If there is one thing I hate more than games it would be a game where there is no shot at winning. Winning is the only good part of games. 

I wasn't the only restless one. We got out the colorful map of the city speckled with pubs and museums and aquariums and other establishments given to us by our hosts. After a hot week of joking about finding water to jump in, we pointed at the river. I don't know how serious that suggestion was, but I dropped the map and started walking out of the house. 

Petra and Dan, the Czech interns from Team VW and Team Lenhardt respectively, and I trekked across town, on railroads and tram roads, through trees, and past threatening stinging nettle until we made it to the river. 

After crossing a bridge that didn't look like it wanted us to cross it, we discovered that the river quite shallow. So in we waded and had a most glorious time swimming in the sunset, having underwater flip and handstand contests, swimming right up to the edge of the man made waterfall of death, and other mature things. All the while we ignored the lovely no swimming signs that probably didn't apply to me since I couldn't read them. 

And so it is the summer of wonderful, nontraditional swimming experiences. So next time you get bored, grab a couple pals and waltz on over to the river. Also, next time you pack for a summer abroad, bring two towels. 


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