Saturday, June 7, 2014

How We Got on Czech TV

Today, we joined the local youth group in going on a hike from a village. If you are like me, please prepare to expand your current definitions of "hike" and "village." Lots of kids in the schools and youth group have said they live in villages and commute to school and I had no category for what that meant. And after the walk, the best way I can describe a Czech village to you is that they are like neighborhoods surrounded by fields and not cities. There are lots of lovely homes with yards and gardens, a couple of restaurants and shops, and a train station. 

When I picture a hike, I envision forests and dirt paths and creeks and hills. We walked through the paved streets of a village, into an old church, between flat fields, and up the 182 steps of a lookout tower. Or 183 or 185, depending on who you ask. I have training in counting (#ElementaryEducation) but the other girls were Czech and the steps were Czech so it's really a close call. 

After our very flat hike with almost no shade in the lovely sunshine (and after awkwardly and accidentally crashing a community Olympics event), we sat down at a restaurant to drink Kofala, a delicious Czech soda. As soon as we sat down, a cameraman arrived on the scene. 

Why not? We looked so fab. They were doing a report on what people do when it's hot. It was 80 degrees. In June. That was the story. 

I think it was a cover. Surely they just wanted footage of our beauty. Or they are undercover spies trying to track down a different group of hooligan youths  who are involved in the stealing of precious gems or the defacing historical wonders or the kidnapping of local pets. Or perhaps a normal, warm summer temperature was really all that was going on in the village today. At any rate, the good people tuning in were blessed with our faces and commentary on the weather. 

And that is how we got on television. Feel free to bask in this fame with me. I couldn't have done it without you. 

Sunburned and smiling,

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