Monday, June 2, 2014

The Dumbest Thing I've Done All Week: A Narrative on the Best Part of my Day

I found out that basically everyone here has been hiking without me. Statistically, that is likely inaccurate, but it is still unacceptable. Today after lunch, two fellow Czech interns mentioned they were going to The Waterfall and I immediately and figuratively jumped on that.

One of the girls planned on getting in the water and the other did not. I opted to join the one who would not. Among my reasons were the fact that it is 50 degrees here, creeks are cold, and they would have to wait for me to change. 

We set off into the woods, following directions that were passed along by word of mouth and, as my co-adventurers later admitted, half-heartedly listened to. After completely redirecting, I suggested we just hop down into the creek and walk upstream until we found the waterfall. I was a delighted camper, given that this was my first crick stomp in Chacos (so much better than stompin in flops), crick stompin is one of my all time favorite pastimes, and neither of my new friends judged me too hard for calling it crick stompin.

When we reached The Waterfall, Mel was ready in her swimsuit and Amy was content to take off her boots and put her feet in the water. I went into a subtle panic as both the mermaid and junior higher in me absolutely could not let this beautiful pool of water go un-jumped in. 

You know when you make a promise to yourself and break it? Like "This year I will be more organized than cramming all my notes in one notebook" or "This is my very last cookie?" Well, a mere four days ago I promised myself I would never swim in pants again.

But there I was, with minimal prompting, plunging into the base of a Czech waterfall. For a brief moment, I was unsure if I knew how to swim, what life was, and if I would be able to resurface. It was that cold. I floundered about, making it to the surface and awkwardly pushing and falling and pulling myself out of the water and scrambling up the bank. Based on both of my swimming experiences so far, it's safe to assume no one here knows I'm a competent swimmer. I make myself feel better by thinking of it as my secret weapon which will eventually and surely come in handy.

These are the uncomfortable, numb-footed, ear-to-ear grinning moments I live for. And this summer's adventure is just beginning. 

Oh, and it just so happens that we didn't go to The Waterfall. We went to some other one on accident. I think I know what's next on the adventure list.


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