Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Waterfall: Take 2

Yesterday, I wrote to you about my journey to The Waterfall. And how we didn't actually find it. 

Today, I write to you about my journey to The Waterfall. 

For the second day in a row, come free time, I set out into the woods. This time, I was so much more prepared: I had a towel, ziploc for the phone, shorts, and a larger group of companions, including menfolk. This can also be read as "Jenna crashes Poland time and invites Melanie: a tale of redemption." The Poland team is great. Through living situations and the magnificent Becca Carmer, I've gotten to know a few of these people, and it makes me long for the days when technology will enable me to simultaneously spend a summer in Czech and Poland. 

When we hit the first road off of camp/hotel grounds, my hopes and dreams faded as yet again my daring co-adventurers seemed to lack direction. However, soon we passed the waterfall of yesterday and I was feeling pretty good about the whole thing. 

We continued on the path and other, intuitive paths, until LO AND BEHOLD we actually happened upon what HAD to be The Waterfall. Some of my pals immediately plunged in, but my heart had to go on. Too much creek was left un-stomped. The group split roughly in half, as some stayed at the fall then turned around, some of us (including my friend Mel you may remember from yesterday's misadventure) went onwards, and one of us (oh hey JT) took an adventure that was described using Gollum as a visual, which is always a good sign. 

We walked and grinned through and by and around and over and not under the creek. I walked until my feet were numb from the cold water and I couldn't walk 5 feet without clumsily stumbling. Given the immanence of country time meetings, we turned around, jumped in at the base of the fall, and scrambled/ran back to the cabin with minutes to spare. 

We talked this week about how we connect with God and rest. Three of those ways were through relationship with other people, through nature, and through being active. I got a three in one with this adventure, and my soul smiles sleepily and contentedly as I type. 

May your days be filled with ice cold water to and friends to mock you when you can know longer stand. And constantly ask if you're alright (oh hey Simon) just so you don't think all my new friends are mean. You're probably worried enough already, my dear mother and whatever other reader happened upon this.

Tomorrow, we are off to a new city and a new adventure. Get pumped. 

Love and hugs,

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