Monday, July 9, 2012


I am exhausted, my stomach hates me, and life is good. This morning's run took more out of me than usual, as we went for personal records on the stairs. Jeremy made it all the way to the top. I made 250 steps. But that's ok, because in all reality, if the day comes that I am required to run up 444 steps, it was probably not a day I was meant to live through.

 Today on campus, we waited for an appointment that fell through and then walked around, encountering mostly men, and so not stopping to talk, until our 11:00 meeting with el grupo. Ann and I went through today's milla without any help from Enrique, and it went quite well. The milla explained the basics of the Bible, and was fairly straightforward and simple to go through. I even spoke some Spanish, which happens far less often than I had hoped going into this trip.

We finished early, and left to share for the last hour of our campus time. Our poor friends were confused when we left them before one, but life gets crazy like that. Courtney, Ann, and I walked around la facultad de medicina (the medicine school), again, coming across mostly men. It seemed that whenever we stopped to talk, the people we wanted to chat with had to study. We were all feeling discouraged and tired, but the day ended with a great conversation with three sweet girls who were already believers.

The afternoon was spent dropping off laundry, haggling for souvenirs at the art market, drinking jugo de guanabana, and chilling on the malecon before training on the topic of evangelism tonight. Training was awesome, because us girls at UG had just been talking about the same topic earlier today. We all swapped stories of how God had opened our eyes to the value of evangelizing to strangers, as well as to friends. I love serving a God who chooses to reveal Himself in different ways to different people. He is so much bigger than the logic and time restraints that I so often try to put on Him.

Today's post is a little boring. I understand that. But I want you, dear reader, to know that when something exciting does happen, I will be here for you, reporting in gross detail whatever occurs.



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