Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Los Estados Unidos

Here I am, finding myself in Fishers, IN after a weekend at Finca la Gloria and a couple of days of travel. The weekend was awesome: three days at a farm-ish type place to debrief and get used to the idea that soon, we wouldn't be seeing each other every waking hour of the day. We climbed crazy hills in the dark, stargazed, rode horses, climbed trees, ate fresh pineapple, and encouraged each other before heading out on Monday morning.

Upon our arrival to the US, I spent my first night in the state of Illinois. I spent last night in the state of Indiana. Overall, I am mostly just in a state of reverse culture shock.

I feel guilty every time I flush toilet paper (though a still small voice in the back of my head tells me that my American friends would hate me if I didn't). I am not used to the blazing temperatures, and catch myself dreaming of the temperate equator. And here in my tank top and shorts, I feel simply scandalous.

There are positives, though. For example, last night, I got to cook dinner. I was beyond excited to make my own food. Family and friends are cool, too, I guess.

Please keep me and my team in your prayers as we are adjusting to the culture here, missing each other, and taken so quickly out of the "spiritual greenhouse" that we had together in Ecuador. And as you pray, don't forget Ecuador. The Lord is doing awesome things there.

I will continue this blog, but will no longer be posting daily, but rather in a more normal, less obnoxious fashion.

Besos, yes, still besos,


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