Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Una Carta de Amor

Dear Team, 


One month ago today, I went to church in Indianapolis, got in the car with my parents, and rode to Chicago, where they left me. I had no idea what adventure I was in for, as evidenced by my inability to answer any of my father's questions about what my summer would look like. 

After dropping giant suitcase off in a hotel room, I went upstairs to a room filled with a giant table and several of you all. The following two days in Chicago were filled with laughter, food, and...could it already be love? Yes. It was love.

Through the past month, we have had so many good, bad, hilarious, challenging, and unbelievable times. An incredible amount of times to fit in just one month, really. Together, we have left our homeland and made a new, temporary home here among the people of Ecuador. We have left behind our families, our shorts, and our right to flush toilet paper in pursuit of this adventure.

The last month has been one of the best in my life, and I have you to thank for part of that, and God to thank for all of it. When we return home and all go our own ways, dispersing over the glorious Midwest, I will always think fondly of this time together. I could not have asked for a better group of humans to do life with.

Here is a little ditty I wrote to express my feelings:

Thanks for the memories, for loving me, and for following our Savior intentionally and boldly. I know we've only been together for one month but I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER <3.



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