Thursday, July 5, 2012

Una Semana Mas

Today, Thursday, was the last day of the school week for this team. As crazy as it sounds, we only have one week (four days) left on campus! I am experiencing conflicting feelings of growing a bit tired, but also of not being close to ready to leave behind the campus, this city, or this country.

This morning, as every other morning this week, copies needed to be made of the milla for the day. Generally, CJ orders the copies, but today, I was very, very brave and undertook the mission myself. I asked for twenty copies, fairly clearly, and watched as the man turned and told the lady making copies to make forty. When I asked how much it cost, he said nothing, for my friend CJ. It is awesome to have people supporting what we are doing, even people in the copy shop.

After discipleship time, I headed over to las lenguas. Given that the Vida Estudiantil meeting was today, we didn't want to do a milla and risk going over on time. We chatted with the students and invited them to come to Vida Estudiantil with us. Several students came, and said they would leave early with us at one. After another crazy game of casa/inquilino/terremoto (house/renter/earthquake) we were all laughing and having a grand time. We had to head out, but all of our language friends stayed for the rest of the meeting!

Tonight was another project fun night. We all made the 444 stair trek up to the top of the hill. As this is our usual running destination, and I have been there a lot, it was fun to see other team members experience the view for the first time. The whole hill is possessed with a totally different kind of life in the evenings. In the mornings, we see security guards patrolling, people sweeping, dogs trying to eat us, kids walking to school, and military men running. Tonight, the restaurants were blasting music and crazy lights, shops were open, people were talking to each other and walking around. And the dogs were still trying to eat us.

For dinner, we went to Frutabar, a strange but enchanting mix of wonderful fruit juice, food, hippy vibe, and rap music. I dig it.

In the morning, we depart for Cuenca, where I may or may not have internet. Keeping life mysterious for those of you who need some excitement in your lives. That's what I'm here for. That is literally why I came to Ecuador. (I lied.)



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