Monday, July 2, 2012

El Segundo Mitad

Today was back to reality after a tropical weekend getaway. It feels oddly like home. You know "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody," that gem of a Disney Channel show that was on back in the day, where kids lived the dream life in a hotel? That's kind of the life we are living. We see people come and go, but this is pretty much our home.

Today was back to running the malecon and stairs, back to a freezing cold shower, back to hot dog bun and salty scrambled egg breakfasts, back to sharing, back to follow ups, and back to nap time in the beloved family bed.

There seemed to be nothing too special about today except how routine it was for me. We walked to UG, shared for a while, met up with the language group, went through the second follow up, and chatted until it was time to leave. I was terrified that I may have to attempt the follow up by myself, and goodness knows that near nothing would have been communicated, but Enrique showed up just in time. Things got a little crazy when we forwent our daily jugo stop, instead eating at Gus, a fast food place.

Pray that we would find beauty and see God in the everyday and in the routine. Pray that we would maintain enthusiasm for the mission here and for God's work in Guayaquil. Also, pray that we would be well received by staff at UG, especially in the language department. And praise God for his overwhelming faithfulness!

Tomorrow is another early morning, so I am off to bed.



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