Tuesday, July 3, 2012

El Grupo

If you asked me to describe today in one word, it would likely be encouraging, although I am not sure, because that question would merit much thought, and thought which I have not given nor do I plan to give.

When we wandered over to the lenguas area to meet with the students who we have begun to refer to simply as "el grupo" at 11, we discovered that a few of our friends weren't going to be able to stick around for Milla 3 (the third follow up). We were also met by several new and attentive faces in the group. Enrique went to class, so CJ and I were feeling pretty adventurous in leading on our own. By that, I mean CJ began to talk, and I began to smile a lot, because Jesus and truth make me very happy.

Luckily, one of our newer friends who we met at the end of last week jumped right in and started preachin' the Word like she was born to do it, flipping pages to well-read and studied passages time after time. Right when she had to leave, Enrique walked up and picked up right where we left off. God's timing has been repeatedly perfect during our times on campus.

It was fun to meet some new people and pour into some new hearts. Tomorrow, we are hoping that we can introduce el grupo to people who are involved in Vida Estudiantil. Pray that we would be able to help establish solid connections that last far longer than our time here. Enrique was able to drive us home, which was a huge blessing, however, which also caused us to miss out on jugo for the second day in a row. At this rate, I might be approaching a healthy daily dose of sugar at a much faster rate than I had ever planned.

Tonight, we had guys and girls Bible studies. The girls went to Unipark, which somehow offered a completely different menu than the last time we were there. Megan got her soup a significant amount of time earlier than any of us got our food. At the point when that "Grandma soup" was placed before her, Megan became the priority and the sole concern of the restaurant. When she began to spoon unwanted chunks of cheese out of her bowl, from across the room, a waiter brought a small bowl to use for reject parts. She even got a new plate in the middle of eating.

Eventually, the rest of us got some food too. As there were zero boys there, I am proud to announce that I finished my food. I am less proud to announce that I ordered an appetizer that I let everyone sample as my meal, but nevertheless, I finished my food.

We had an excellent time of study, learning about walking by the Spirit and confession. In our time together, there were tears of sadness and tears of laughter. In a women's Bible study world, that is a good indicator of success. I am so blessed to be part of such a beautiful group of ladies. 

Love always,


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