Tuesday, June 19, 2012


This morning at UG, I was grouped with Chris and Jose Luis, who is on staff here, to go sharing. We approached a group of three students which included two guys and one girl.It was a perfect evangelist to evangelee ratio. Once again, ratios were turned against me. Though the intention was for each of us to talk one on one with a student of our corresponding gender, I ended up talking to the girl AND one of the guys, while Chris and Jose Luis (who, if you haven’t figured it out on your own brainpower, is a fluent speaker of Spanish) talked to the remaining guy. Praise God that He is not a God who stresses over ratios, Amen?

Part of the way through the librito, the guy I was talking to had to go to class, so I continued stumbling through it with the girl, who was Catholic and said she already had faith. She didn’t have any questions, so we just chatted about religion, school, and home.

After that conversation, we all regrouped, and Ann and I split off to share with two girls who were sitting nearby. After we had finished sharing and were chatting with them, a boy standing next to us tapped me on the shoulder and started asking me questions. He basically asked what we were sharing, what church we were with, and what we believed. So, essentially, we HAD to share with him and his buddies. Thankfully, Ann walked over and joined me. As we opened the booklet, we looked around and all of our men were gone. At this point, the rule follower who hides not-so-deep within me started screaming. As a group of girls, we weren’t supposed to really be approaching guys. But these guys had come to us and asked for the Gospel. May I never refuse an opportunity like that.

Ann and I went through the book, mainly talking to one guy, but we gave one of his friends a booklet as well, as we continued, the friend became more engaged in following along. The first guy who started talking to us PRAYED TO RECEIVE CHRIST. Pause right there. 
Hallelujah. A new brother. Hallelujah. A new creation. Hallelujah. Praise God for spreading his glory here!

This was the first time I had ever helped lead someone to Christ. It wasn't like I'd always dreamed. I was speaking Spanish that was very difficult to understand, as our new friends stated quite bluntly. I was stumbling over my words. I was sweating like a pig. I was standing on my tip toes looking for our guys. And honestly, the conversation probably only started because I have light hair and green eyes. But you know what? That's OK. Because it isn't about me anyways. Because the Gospel is sufficient and because His power is displayed in my weakness. Praise His name!

We got his email information to keep him updated about Vida Estudiantil and to hopefully get him in contact with some men (who never showed up). Please keep our hermano nuevo in your prayers.


Jenna B.

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