Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dia del Padre

This morning, we strolled past UG (Universidad de Guayaquil), all dressed up and ready for church. I sat near the front, in the group of people who chose to go interpreter-less. This seemed like a great choice for far longer than it actually was a great choice. It may have been an actual good choice during the songs, when I understood nearly everything, but once it got into the sermon I had a serious zoning problem, due to how much concentration it took to understand anything.

After church, we went to the mall to eat. THIS IS THE MOST BORING BLOG POST EVER. Sorry, inside thoughts. I got a yogurt for lunch. It was delicious. Then, I rose to go to the bathroom and the BEST THING EVER happened. In the hall leading up to the bathroom, it smelled EXACTLY like Fruit Stripe gum. You know, the gum with the zebra wrappers that doubled as tattoos that you apply by tongue? EXACT match. My nostrils promptly sent a message to my brain declaring all that is wonderful about the world.

I came back to my table where Courtney, Chris, and Andrea sat, clueless to the journey I just experienced, and said, "YOU GUYS. I just had the most JOYFUL experience and I need to share it with you." It occurred to me that this may be an odd thing to emphatically present to a group of people after returning from the bathroom, especially when it would be in your favor for these people to love you. That's alright. Loving me is a dangerous thing.

After lunch, my team went to the grocery store for the noble task of procuring peanut butter. I have learned that peanut butter is not the staple here that it is at home. Here is a brief overview of how I view peanut butter: In the Bible, Jesus is referred to as the bread of life. Personally, I refer to Him, if only in my head, as the peanut butter of life. Peanut butter is a snack, a meal, a comfort in hard times, a joy in good times. On a sandwich or on a spoon, peanut butter makes life more substantial. I know others on my team feel the same way. However, I was the only one who brought my own peanut butter, at the suggestion of my exceedingly wise and beautiful mother. So all my teammates were able to get their own today, even though I offered to share.

We returned to the hotel to nap, shower, listen to music, journal, and swap life stories. My room voted to fulfill our womanly duties and make dinner for ourselves. Peanut butter and jelly. Independence in sandwich form.

The night continued with a wonderful time of prayer and praise for the whole team. We got assigned our campuses for the rest of the trip:
The staff (Linsey, Chris, Andrea, Jess, and Jason) will be floating between the campuses. Just a little info to pray over.

Also, you will be pleased to know that I got to share the Four Constipated Men of the Bible song to still more blessed ears (for the record, that was a two syllable "blessed"). I feel a specific calling to spread that song to as many ears as will hear. I am so grateful for a team that has so whole-heartedly embraced it.

That brings you to right about to now, blogging here on my blogging couch. That's right couch, you aren't the floor couch anymore, you are MY blogging couch. Feel honored.

Sorry this post has been so...dreadful...detailed...difficult. Also, Father's Day shout out to my wonderful dad. Thank you for giving me experiences that have fostered in me a love of travel and culture that has made my time in Ecuador so beautiful.

Much love,

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  1. That song... has been in my head ever since you sang it, with the exception of church and 2 hours after, when Mighty to Save was stuck in my head during that time.