Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Una Semana

Believe it or not, the truth remains: we have lived through an entire week here in Guayaquil.

I have learned and experienced so much. I am not a big reader. I have read a single book this summer (in addition to a couple small books in my Bible) and I feel like I am a literate beast. For those of you like me, who are not inclined to do any reading deemed unnecessary but still want to be informed about the lives of awesome people, I will do a recap in list form.

I have learned:
  • that a proper greeting is a single left cheek touching air kiss. If you want to know what happens when you leave out the "air" detail, just ask Jason. 
  • various vocabulary words that may or may not be useful in the future.
  • that here in Ecuador, saying "chao" is always better than "adios," as the latter implies eternal separation.
  • a precious Spanish rhyme including the name of a local drug store.
  • to wear clashing clothes in front of people (even people I have only met once, such as our study abroad buddies) and be a whole, complete person. This is a big step for a little person like me.
  • that the creepiest garbage trucks in the world cruise through Guayaquil on a nightly basis.
  • that caterpillars don't lay eggs. Shout out to CJ for that bit of what should have been obvious wisdom.
I have experienced:
  • sharing the Gospel in Spanish.
  • a museum tour so lengthy that it has since caused me to dream of museums twice.
  • staring at iguanas like the people here stare at us.
  • serving a family by moving dirt.
  • time on university campuses.
  • drinking more flavors of juice than I can count when it is past midnight.
  • the touching moving vehicles game. I currently have two points. It's natural to be impressed.
  • some new foods, like plantain and bacon balls.
  • making new friends and making a new family.
  • team bonding, doing life together, and what some may deem as "excessive" laughing.
  • being stretched out of my comfort zone, which I previously thought was quite large.
  • lots of sweat and lots of walking.
  • training and encouragement in the Word.
  • communication triumphs as well as struggles.
There you go. The spark notes version of week 1 of Summer Project here in Guayaquil.

Looking forward to the next four weeks here,


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