Sunday, June 24, 2012


Today was yet another beautiful day of rest. At 9:15, we set off on the long walk to church, where, yet again, I understood little of the sermon, but enjoyed completely the worship music. We sang a couple of songs I knew in English, but it was awesome to sing them and worship in a different language without any English lyrics floating around in my head.

On the way home, we all got jugo (juice). I AM FREAKING OUT. I got passion fruit jugo, and GUYS. GUESS WHAT! I just Google image searched passion fruit, because I love the flavor and I wanted to know what the fruit looks like. AND IT IS THE MYSTERY FRUIT FROM THAT ONE HOTEL IN CHINA! The one that I loved and had described countless times. The baseball sized, hard purple fruit that, when cut open, reveals an inside looking like egg yolk with large green frog eggs. I remember being surprised by the disgusting appearance of the fruit, more surprised by the sweet scent, and most surprised by the delicious taste. I have, after three years, discovered the name of that mystery fruit that I so enjoyed. Passion fruit. Or, here, maracuya. I will rest easy tonight. I realize that this holds no contrast to how I usually rest, but if it were, it would still be true. I doubt you have any idea how much this discovery brings joy to my soul.

That was not the direction I meant to go with that paragraph, but props to Google for changing my life and your blog reading experience. What I meant to say was that some of my friends were left with upset stomachs, and we have had our first upheaval of food, so keep the health of our team in your thoughts and prayers.

I ate lunch at the hotel restaurant, which was surprisingly delicious, Skyped my wonderful pal Lauren for two hours in the afternoon. We then headed to a coffee shop called Sweet & Coffee. My experience there consisted mostly of being stared at relentlessly. If no one ever stares at me again after this trip, I might have experienced a normal amount of staring by the end of my life. For someone who so hates blending in, I am starting to tire of standing out.

Tonight was another great time of worship, as the team assembled to sing, share, and pray together. As we go into this next week, we are focusing on following up with people we have shared with, in addition to sharing with new students.

I just got to Skype with my whole, beautiful family (including the puppy) and my wonderful boyfriend, all of whom are missed a bit more than anticipated, and I am one happy Jenna.

Goodnight to all,

Jenna B.

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