Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bucket List Item #47

Here I am. In Ecuador. It is simply unreal.

Today's travels went swimmingly (figuratively, not literally). God was so good in working out each and every detail. We only lost one team member (and it's no biggie, as this was the least favorite team member of the rest of us)! Fine you caught me; I jest. We are all here and all of our luggage is, too!

I would like to give you all a little snapshot of what today in my life looked like.

On both plane rides, I sat between CJ and Jeremy, two of the 3 guy students on the trip, because I am a straight up player like that. You can all just stop your hatin before you start; this is just the way it is. Or, possibly, because seats were random. You get to choose what you believe. It's a free country.

On the second plane ride, my sweet new friend Ann said, "Hey, look at that guy behind you! He is dancing!"
With zero to negative quantities of subtlety, all three of us turned around to look at a little kid a few rows back, listening to music, and possibly slightly intimidated by the suddenness of three giant white kids smiling at him.

We decided to join the dance party, as did the lad's mother. All participated exuberantly, flailing our arms in passionate accord with the Adele that was playing over the plane radio that MAYBE two of us were listening to. Honestly, when seated on an airplane, the passionate flailing of arms is about the only way to go.

Things began to get a little loud after a few songs, and we decided to make an exit, all ducking under the shelter of our seats and fist pumping for the child and his mother, a quiet goodbye to a memory that probably annoyed everyone except us.

Happy, clean, and blessed,

Jenna B.

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