Monday, June 25, 2012


Today started with another great run with Courtney and Jeremy. We arrived to the top of the hill only to find that the lighthouse was closed today, which we attributed to something about the wind and the windows. Eventually, the police decided that we may ascend the light house, so long as we did so quickly and then came back down so other people would not become exceedingly jealous of our exclusive privileges and awesomeness.

After we took some photos, had quiet time overlooking the river, and forgot my water bottle of hydration and life, we ran back to the hotel for breakfast and showers before leaving for campuses. At campus, I went sharing with Mary J., a student from Quito, the capital of Ecuador. She was bold and swift in declaring the Gospel to anyone we came across. Everyone we talked to professed to have God on "el trono" (the throne) of his or her life.

We picked up CJ and went right back to sharing. Here is the weird part, so brace yourself. You are so welcome for that heads up, by the way. We approached a guy who was sitting by himself listening to music, and honestly, I would have been tempted to walk right by him. Mary J. went right up and got DOWN TO BUSINESS. CJ and I just looked at each other as she flew through the librito. Mary J. took a breath to tell us that our new friend didn't believe in God. She then promptly asked him if he wanted to pray to receive Christ. HE SAID YES. Just like that. I am not withholding any information from you that would make that a smoother paragraph. I almost started laughing. That kind of stuff doesn't just happen. But it did. We even set up a follow up appointment. God is on the move.

I'm still in a little bit of shock.

On campus, I also got to reunite with my language department friends. It cracks me up, because even after hearing how awful my Spanish is, they are still scared to practice English with me. I have always been on their side of that kind of inter-lingual interaction. We also got to hang out with our amiga Kenya, drink jugo, and share lots of laughs on the walk back.

And it's only lunes. I can't wait to see what the rest of the week holds.



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