Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mi Vida Hoy

Today I took a chance, got really crazy, and wore jeans instead of the normal capris. I definitely came out a winner, as today is probably the coolest day since we've gotten here. When we were running on the malecon this morning, the people working there were even wearing coats. They were exaggerating, just a little, but it was lovely out, and the sun even took a break from burning my beautiful teammates.

At 11:00 this morning, we met up with our language department friends who I have talked about so fondly and frequently. We brought with us a bunch of copies of the first of the "millas" (basically worksheets for discipleship in the basics of Christianity). There weren't quite enough copies for all of our friends, and we had three Bibles among all of us, but everyone listened and engaged in the conversation.

A friend of ours from the English class we had talked to came up to me, and remembered my name! I took a break from the large group to try to help her with some of her English class work. She was so sweet, and even invited Ana and I to her church.

I returned to the group conversation near the end of the milla. We will all meet up again on Monday to go through the next one. It warms my heart to see these new friends so excited to learn about my Jesus. When I got back the hotel and got on Facebook, the first thing on my news feed was a status about getting to know God from one of our UG friends! I then took the best nap ever.

Tonight, we had small group dinners and swapped life stories. My group went exotic (a trend in my life) and ate at the KFC on the malecon. After dinner, we hit up Sweet & Coffee for quiet time. Sweet & Coffee is basically the Starbucks of Ecuador, and has also been the fount of sanity for several of the people on this team.

Peace out!

Jenna B.

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