Saturday, June 16, 2012

En la Selva

Today, I slept in, and GOOD THING too, because I blogged last night into the wee hours of the morning. Blogging is great, but it is deathly addictive and time consuming. As today is a free day for the team, I awoke today at 9:45 and did a whole lot of nothing, or, as the more spiritual than I call it, “resting.”

At 12:30, we headed down to the boardwalk that runs along the river. After eating everyone’s new favorite food, shawarma, the majority of us proceeded to the selva or “jungle” for some quiet time with everyone on the team’s best friend, Jesus.  

We wound through park areas of tropical trees and beautiful flowers in all shades of red, and orange, and fire. We decided to park ourselves in a little area that curved around a pond and had benches. We settled in, reading quietly, talking to each other about the greatness of our God, or praying together.

The police patrolling the park take their jobs VERY seriously. First, they walked on a bridge across from us and told rebel child Jason to SIT UP. Nothing good happens when lying down in a park, I suppose. Later, a policeman strolled by and told me and Jeremy to GET OFF THE ROCKS. Later still, one told CJ to STOP RECLINING. Finally, the police told us to PUT OUR SHOES ON.

Here’s what I think: We were all breaking all of these rules the FIRST time he walked by. I think he went back and wrote new rules between each visit, and then returned to us to enforce them.

The police were not the only ones who stopped on the bridge. So did Ecuadorians, occasionally even snapping a photograph. Here is your part, dear reader: I want to know what YOU would do with photographs of white college kids reading their Bibles if you were an Ecuadorian. Would you hang them on your refrigerator? Would you make a white college kids reading their Bibles calendar? Would you post them on your Facebook entitled “A day at the zoo”? Or something else altogether. I want to know.

Photo credit to Megan :)

Abrazos y besos,

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