Thursday, June 14, 2012

Los Dos Universidades

You can CALM DOWN, everyone telling me that I'm funny, because your hope are too high. Thank you. Now that we have that out of the way:

Today we checked out the two university campuses that we will be going to for the next month. The first one, University of Guayaquil, was within walking distance of our hotel, and walk we did. I love to walk. Walking is my thing. I could walk all day. Standing, on the other hand, tires me out near immediately. For example, by the end of standing for worship songs in church, I am near death, and plop down before the worship leader can even get out, "You can take a seat." So, clearly, I am very lucky that we didn't stand all the way there. Besides, standing is an inefficient means of travel.

The university was hopping with students, again, figuratively. We split off to explore and talk to people. TWO OF MY FAVORITE THINGS! (note: I am so sorry that I have been absolutely loving so many things recently here on this blog. If you don't know me [or if you do] I am probably coming across as an obnoxiously flaky individual.) 

I walked around with Chris. I definitely felt like I had an advantage since Chris has been here before. Also because we started out with 30 cent orange juice. However, I soon ran into everyone else on the team, and they also had orange juice. I even saw people drinking orange juice AND already sharing with people. There went the advantage I thought I had.

We wandered and wandered and made it from the medical department to the language department and began to talk to two students. I tried to talk to them in Spanish, but after seeing my struggle, they quickly redirected the conversation into English. While communication is easy, I'm worried that I am not going to learn any Spanish here. 

Afterwards, we took a bus to ESPOL, the second university. I loves buses. (Here I go again, loving things. Sorry.) This bus ride was especially wonderful, as I got to sit in the back (the BUMPIEST), see gorgeous scenery, and swap Jesus stories with Jess and Hannah. I spent most of the time at ESPOL talking to the lovely Ecuadorian students who were with us. ESPOL is in the highlands, which is totally different and totally greener than being in the city.

We will be split into two groups. One will go to the first university and the other to the second. I am thinking these groups will be chosen strategically, in accordance with Spanish speaking ability and with attention to having a safe guy to girl ratio. However, I hope that we can pick teams, make jerseys, and have some sort of scoring system. Something in the back of my head is telling me that wouldn't be very Christian.

Excited for what's coming,
Jenna B.

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