Monday, June 18, 2012

Un Buen Comienzo

Going into today, I was nervous. Last night, as we were praying together in our campus groups, I crunched some numbers. UG has well over 100,000 students. There are four of us plus a couple of staff. I decided to tell God that around a 6:100,000 ratio is a bit ridiculous. It doesn’t make sense. He proceeded to tell me that He is actually better at math than me. I concurred, and felt a bit better.

Today, I woke up far too early in relation to when I went to bed. I was sitting on my bed, and commented on the oddness of its shaking. Turns out I FELT AN EARTHQUAKE. Not only did I feel an earthquake, but I felt an earthquake IN ECUADOR. So, in conclusion, today was worth waking up for.

Actually, there is more to today. We set off as a whole team on foot. When we got to the monument circle which we affectionately and appropriately refer to as “Butt Cheek Park” due to some giant, immodest statues, we saw the woman who we helped when we worked with IJM! It was such a surprise, as she lives quite a ways out of the city, but it was so good to see and hug her.

After Butt Cheek Park, we parted ways to go to the different universities. I paired up with Enrique to share. We were a stellar team. My height and light hair and eyes attracted attention while Enrique shared fluently. We talked to two different people and went all the way through the Four Spiritual Laws books. They both seemed a bit disinterested, but we got them information to connect them to Vida Estudiantil, if they ever want to go. I am so excited to hear more about some of the conversations that my teammates had. A couple of people came to the Lord today! Can we please just take a minute to shout out praises with the angels over the growth of our family!?  Is there anything more beautiful than lives being reconciled to their Creator?

Enrique and I met up with the rest of the team, and I ended up talking to our friend Oliver with CJ. We talked about who Jesus is, differences between Catholicism and the Evangelical Church, and other things that make me excited!  CJ did most of the talking, as they are best buddies, and as Oliver says he cannot understand me. I am working on that, in English and Spanish. For English, since I have already achieved fluency, I am trying to be more conscientious and enunciate and talk slowly. For Spanish, I am really just trying to be better. 

I allowed CJ to continue the conversation on his own, and went off with Ann, Enrique, and my new pal Kenya. Kenya is just a ball of fun and cute. Before I had known her for two minutes, she brought me a frozen chocolate covered banana with SPRINKLES on it. I was absolutely horrified to find that no one knew what sprinkles are called in Spanish.

Speaking of things that are ABSOLUTELY HORRIFYING, Kenya decided to take us to see cadavers. Like people, only DEAD. We just waltzed on in there, banana pops in hand and walked right up to those deceased, shriveled bodies. There have to be some grave sanitation catastrophe that happened there. I am half blogging, half sitting here waiting to die.

On the plus side, I actually used Spanish today.

Excited about what God has in store at UG,

Jenna Breanne

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