Monday, June 11, 2012

from "Chicago"

Well, after months of anticipation, dozens of letters, countless prayers, and my typical persistent excitement, we leave for Ecuador tomorrow. TOMORROW, PEOPLE.

As my dear Lauren pointed out after I blogged about our visit to her hometown, I "didn't even blog about the zoo. And that's all you talked about the WHOLE TIME." I pointed out that I also spent three days in NYC and blogged about taxis. For those of you who are big picture people, I will try to describe main events, though overseen minutia are my favorite things to write about.

For a balanced approach at project stalking, check out my teammate Jeremy's blog at Sorry to throw all that pressure on you without warning, bro. Also, check out Megan's pictures for the trip at and Helen's brand new blog at

Anyways, here we are, our whole massive team of 14 (11 students, 3 leaders). They tell us we're in Chicago. I'm not sure I believe them. My parents drove me here, and I was cramming the required reading for the trip towards the end of the ride. They have not let us out of the hotel since my arrival. So, I really am technically unsure of my whereabouts.

Our team is FANfreakingTASTIC (brought to you by today's rhetorical device, tmesis). I have laughed more in the last 24 hours than probably the last year. If a game of charades takes "koala bear" to "velociraptor," you know you are in for the trip of your life (I say with fingers crossed).

Tomorrow, we are done with briefing, leave "Chicago," and are Ecuador bound! Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. We desire unity, safety, fluidity of travel, but all to the end of glorifying our beautiful Savior, Jesus Christ.

"That every student in Guayaquil may know someone who truly follows Jesus." And you know, a couple people on the plane would be nice, too.

14 people.
5 weeks.
1 GIANT God.

Endless possibilities.

With excitement and praises,
Jenna B.

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